Number of enzymes: 1
Total Number of designed primers: 1
Number of PGTM primers:     1

Enzyme Id:  K09567

Gene Information
NCBI Gene Accession Number & Symbol Accession Number:   101268431     NCBI Gene Symbol: LOC101268431
Gene Aliases
Gene description & Other designations Description:   peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase CYP22      Other designations:   peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase CYP22
Chromosome, Strand & Exon count Chromosome:   1     Strand:   plus     Exon count:   7
Gene Location within genomic sequence Genomic accession No. NC_015438.3      Gene Start and end within genomic accession: 87475635 ...... 87480725
CDS Sequence 101268431
Marker Information
Marker Type PGTM
Repeat type & sequence Repeat type:      Repeat sequence:
Repeat start & end within CDS Repeat start:      Repeat end:
Forward primer Primer sequence:   GGGAGGAGGGGTGGTAGAAT     Tm(°C): 60.03     GC (%): 60     Size: 20
Reverse primer Primer sequence:   ACACGCCCAAAAACGACATG     Tm(°C): 59.97     GC (%): 50     Size: 20
Primer start, end within sequence and product size Start: 17     End: 466     Product size (bp): 450
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